M&J Bulgaria EOOD is engaged in the production and trade of LLDPE primary polyethylene tanks, high-capacity tanks for underground burying, manufactured by rotational moulding of polyethylene.
M&J Bulgaria EOOD. is a modern company that specializes in the production of innovative and progressive solutions for the storage and management of water resources, for rational and ecological use of water.
The storage and utilization of both rainwater and domestic waste water is becoming an increasing challenge due to the increasing development and expansion of the residential and industrial construction.
The material from which we manufacture our tanks has a certificate for the storage of drinking water.
The tanks that the company offers are suitable for use on both industrial construction sites and residential buildings.
In view of the freedom and flexibility being a manufacturer and the accumulated experience in the trade of similar equipment, we at M&G Bulgaria EOOD are ready to cope with the challenges and the high criteria set by our customers.